Exhibitions: Maker's Mark at Regina Rex

We’re the hand that writes then quickly moves away
-Ronnie James Dio from "The Last in Line"

Action theory typically describes action as behavior caused by an agent in a particular situation. The agent’s desires and beliefs lead to bodily behavior. As our technologies develop, the scales of this bodily behavior and it’s resulting action distort. Thoughts, once ephemeral, are made material through the constant contact of swiping thumbs. Documentation becomes implicit. Jagged rasters smooth as the texture of this documentation grows increasingly fine. Complicity with a system that rewards the broadcasting of our associations, likes, and approval makes mark making a ubiquitous fact of contemporary life. Self mythologizing gestures of the past are supplanted by an accumulative feed of real-time assimilation and versatility branding. Digital interpolation draws the final stages of interpellation towards resolution. -S.V.

Oil on linen
57 x 36 inches
145 x 92 centimetros