Video Dialogue: Juan Gomez at The Dikeou Collection

Video Dialogue: Juan Gomez at The Dikeou Collection

Created in 1997, the ten drawings that comprise “Share” originally appeared in issue 10 of zingmagazine. Juan Gomez’s muse features solo in five images. Whether it’s expressively posing with her hands and feet bound, or with a flower vase, or anticipating her next erotic maneuver, her fierce energy is palpable beneath her subdued exterior. In the additional five drawings, Gomez’ muse is hurled into a frenzy of sexual activity, where her body and that of her partner(s) coalesce into a carnal blur. Here Gomez’ dexterous handling of movement and form pulls the viewer in to look closer at each composition, teasing them to decipher the tangle of bodies. 


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Exhibitions: Maker's Mark at Regina Rex

REGINA REX   221 Madison Street New York, NY 10002  | 347-460-7739
Maker's' Mark
April 19-May 24, 2015
Michael Bell-Smith
Erika Ceruzzi
Juan Gomez
Henry Gunderson
Jeanette Hayes
Sofia Leiby
Adam Parker Smith
Eric Shaw
John Zinsser

Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, 12-6PM, or by appointment email ( or call (347-460-7739)

Take the F to East Broadway and walk 1/2 block on Madison.
Take the J, M, Z, or F to Delancey/Essex and walk for about 10 minutes south to 221 Madison Street.

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Paintings: Spring 2015

Interview: Juan Gómez | Zingmagazine

Interview: Juan Gómez | Zingmagazine
Interview by Brandon Johnson, Managing Editor, zingmagazine
Juan: "Well, there’s always a story. At the time I was working on drawings along side my paintings. I had a lot of cheap paper, charcoal and markers, and I drew to loosen up the line before painting. I was doing drawings that were literal and figurative, but not erotic. Then one day, I just tapped into something. I’m drawing and drawing, basically doodles and scribbles, meaningless. Just letting lines flow. And sometimes I would see a figure and follow up on it in the next drawing and then the next, just intuitively putting things together. Then at some point, I came up with this very strong imagery, very erotic, very sexual. The first, second, etc. I did hundreds of drawings. It gave me a lot of material and drive to figure out different, obviously more personal things. A Pandora’s Box kind of a thing."  ...
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Essay: Juan Gómez painting "Mawinzhe"

Essay: Juan Gómez painting "Mawinzhe"
Essay by Nat Castañeda.
"There is a tension present in the work; it feels like the subject is at odds with itself, each part pulling the work into two separate directions. The work offers a glimpse into an in utero place between the abstract and the figurative, an active space, where the subject is unfixed, vague and suggestive. Mawinzhe is a visualization of what it must feel like to be in the state of becoming, on your way to something else." ...
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